Let’s face it. The internet is wicked awesome. With our modern technology, almost nothing that you want to know is out of reach. You can find answers to questions, puzzles, problems and so much more just with the click of a mouse. There is no boundary of what all can be discovered and experienced. Except. You know. In a data dead zone, or those rare times spent without wifi. Yeah. Those times…




“Help! My Computer Won’t Connect to WiFi!”


Have you ever had trouble getting your computer to connect to wifi? Maybe you’ve tried everything you can think of, but its still not working, and now you’re worried your whole laptop or computer might be broken. Don’t sweat, because this happens to everyone every now and then.


Are you wondering what might be wrong? It’s time to consider whether or not troubleshooting is worth it. If your answer is yes, this post is specifically for you.


The Problem with the Firewall


Windows Firewall is there to help, not harm! But keeping that in mind, you’re probably asking yourself why we would be having trouble with the firewall and the internet. Well, the deal is this: your computer is trying to protect you and its own skin, and one of the ways it does that is make sure that you can’t visit sites that will load garbage and viruses and who knows what else onto your machine. Sometimes, the firewall on your computer will keep you from getting to the internet at all. Very frustrating. So what can you do about it?


Well, if this is the issue, disabling the firewall is simple and easy and will immediately fix the problem. If you’re not sure about how to disable the firewall, you can look into it for your particular computer so long as you are the administrator of the computer.


IP Address Conflicts


This may sound odd, but if you and another computer on the same network have a shared IP address, one or both of you will have trouble connecting to the internet. If your network uses static IP addresses, you can manually change them. We’ve found a guide on how to go about changing your static IP address here on LifeWire.


Wireless Network Configuration


If your network is secured with encryption like WEP or WPA and someone has changed the passcode, you will definitely have trouble connecting. This is also a pretty easy fix. All you have to do is confirm the WIFI channel number and encryption on your particular router have not been changed or removed. You may have to consult with your network administrator. When using a hotspot, you may have to follow you particular provider’s instructors for signing into the network.



There are dozens of reasons why your computer might not be signing onto wifi. Things like malfunctioning broadband or access points. Your computer or phone may also be being blocked by your network administrator. Whatever the issue, contacting your network provider can be helpful for figuring things out and troubleshooting.